A Primer On How Data-led Technologies Are Set To Shape DevOps Business Acceleration In 2021

The pandemic-driven business distress has affected millions of lives and businesses worldwide. Enterprises are having no choice but to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. DevOps play an important role in organizations to understand the patterns and practices that are likely to improve their performance in the face of digital disruption and release new value to their customers faster, hence allowing them to mature and transform the digital face of those organizations. As a result, DevOps has become crucial and integral to a business's success, as it adds a competitive edge in value management for Software-defined services. Grand View predicts the DevOps market to reach US$12.85 billion by 2025. Large and medium software and digital product enterprises are actively seeking strategic partnerships with DevOps firms with ready investment portfolios. We, SA Global Advisors have assimilated some insights from a recent focused group discussion conducted within our technology investor network to understand opportunities created by the current DevOps market upsurge.

Based on SA Global Advisors insights and findings, we believe that new adjacent technology capabilities like AIOps, Containerized DevOps and DevSecOps are becoming important to build differentiation. As a result, leading Digital Transformation and broader IT Services players are racing to advance this capability through external investments in DevOps specialist firms.

Emerging DevOps trends are leading to automatization of infrastructure optimization, speedy software delivery as well as quality assurance. Owing to the quick improvement and advanced delivery of software, specialized DevOps firms have been presented with huge market demand. Most DevOps companies are entering into partnerships and attracting investments from large and medium-tech enterprises, who are looking to deliver a complete suite of services for modernizing, securing, and ensuring the continued compliance of mission-critical applications and workloads for customers. For DevOps companies, choosing inorganic growth methodologies involving strategic investments and partnerships channels for client acquisitions, instead of relying on traditional methods. This ensures expansion of client base, service, and product range as well as encourages new development.

A snapshot of some recent Strategic Partnerships specialized DevOps Services Firms have entered into with established global enterprises across verticals.

By investing in DevOps capabilities, both organically and through partnerships or M&A, enterprises are rapidly expanding on their strengths and taking advantage of the growing need for more innovative digital solutions and technology. The rising success resulting from the deployment of DevOps has resulted in high adoption of the technology by companies that are eager to take advantage of faster application delivery, enhanced innovation, more stable operating environments, while they scale performance-driven cross-functional teams. Taking advanced DevOps initiatives helps companies significantly improve the speed and quality of software delivery and optimize IT asset utilization to drive further cost improvements that will contribute towards building a long-term competitive advantage. SA Global Advisors (SA) comes in to not only help identify the right strategic partner for your stage of business and company’s vision but also prepare you for a dialogue that gives you the right perspective on the growth opportunity while also maximizing value. Managed by industry veterans, SA is a leading global investment banking firm focused exclusively on investments and M&A transactions in the Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT) sectors. SA brings unparalleled cross-border experience in scaling a range of technology companies backed by some of the largest PE, Venture Capital, and Strategic investors. As an entrepreneur-oriented firm, SA understands that entrepreneur-led tech companies are fundamentally different businesses from traditional players and require specialized experience and a well-rounded investment process.

With the current post-Covid 19 resurgences of investment, many firms are seeking to significantly step up investments in the DevOps ecosystem to get access to recognized robotic process automation expertise, industry knowledge, solution assets, deep ecosystem relationships, and a broad clientele. Some of the top financial and strategic investors have relied on us as their long-term partner to help build and execute a range of strategic investments ranging from minority investments, strategic equity partnerships, or M&A transactions to gain access to specialized DevOps capabilities brought by emerging technology companies to drive participative, non-linear growth and meet their financial and strategic objectives. We bring a vast network of global strategic investors and enterprises looking to accelerate investment in Digital capabilities and reinvent their business operations through a combination of one or more of key elements of Digital Transformation, namely: DevOps, IT Service Management, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Digital Experience Design.

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